10 Bridal Bouquet Inspirations

I won’t pretend to know much about flowers. The only real advice I can give you is a) find a florist whose work you love b) TRUST them. Creating floral arrangements is truly an art and your florist will know exactly how to bring your vision to life. These are just a few examples of bridal bouquets that I’ve enjoyed photographing over the last few years. Hopefully they can give you an idea of the many possibilities!


Vibrant bouquets are a favorite of mine; I love how they pop against the bride’s dress 


Creamy pastels create a soft, romantic vibe, especially coupled with light, airy fillers.


The shape and mix of greenery and blooms can give your bouquet a wild, natural feel. (Also look at all that texture.)


For this styled shoot, our florist went with a monochromatic scheme that played off the bride’s shirt. Don’t forget what you wrap around the bouquet can be another way to add a little personality!


You can also use your bouquet as a way to honor loved ones! The yellow rose in this bride’s bouquet was in memory of the groom’s grandfather, who used to give his wife yellow roses for special occasions. (So sweet!)


I’ll be perfectly honest here guys: white bouquets are my least favorite to photograph. Only because everything tends to blend together and it’s harder to capture the beautiful details. Breaking up white or cream flowers with a little color and texture is a great way to do it! 


These purples coordinated wonderfully with her wedding colors!  I also liked that her flowers had a slightly different shape than traditional bouquets.


One of the more unique bouquets I’ve seen, I loved the use of the two main colors and different bloom sizes.


This bouquet is actually from a wedding I 2nd shot with C.L. Photography (Hey Chelbi!), but I had to include it! This gorgeous arrangement elevated the whole look of the day!


While she did also have a regular bouquet, this bride’s muff was the perfect detail for her winter wedding! She also included a few personal touches as a part of her bouquet.

1. Designs by Tes

2. Vera Hall, family friend

3. Bella Rosa Floral

4.  Meredith & Bridget’s Flower Shop

5. Flowers created by the bride’s mother

6. Bachman’s

7. My Sister’s Place

8. Anderson Florist

9. Johnny & Dottie

10. Muff made by bride’s mother

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