Sandrine & Eric :: Minneapolis, MN Wedding Photographer

When I think of a moment to describe Sandrine and Eric, their first look comes to mind. Sandrine slowly walked up the sidewalk to meet Eric, and as she neared, he turned to greet her. Upon seeing each other, they both grinned and reached for each other. Sandrine brought Eric in for a kiss…pulled back…and burst out laughing. There on Eric’s lips was the perfect outline of her kiss, thanks to some fresh lip gloss. Eric shook his head as Sandrine continued to laugh over the shade on his lips. That’s what often comes to mind when I think of these two. Sandrine in mid laugh, totally amused; Eric quietly smiling as he shakes his head. Sandrine may be a bit more exuberant, but they’re both quick to laugh and easy to be with.

In general, Eric and Sandrine are a wonderful blend of heartfelt and fun loving;  it showed in their special day. The ceremony, held at Fort Snelling Chapel, was small and intimate. Led by  Sandrine’s great-uncle, they exchanged hand written vows. Eric’s vows especially had me tearing up behind my camera, and that was before he kissed her hand. So sweet! Afterwards they got the party started with a relaxed cocktail hour followed by a reception at the Hilton Embassy Suites. (Can I just say, I love when couples carve out a good chunk of time to just sit and chat with their guests? The best!) With Sandrine’s family being from Cameroon, their marriage not only joined two families, but two cultures. I loved seeing all the bright colors and awesome dance moves!


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