Documentary Couple Photos

Lately I’ve been feeling like something is missing when it comes to couple photos. Yes, they’re beautiful, but do they tell me about the couple? It often feels like I’m just scratching the surface of who these awesome people are!

I love the idea of building a session around an activity or hobby, to help couples relax and have fun. We’ll stop and take the cute, cuddly photos, but the rest of the time is purely documentary. Why not make your engagement or couple photos an excuse to have a date? Do something you’ve always meant to try or the thing that is your go to. However you do it, when you look back at your photos, how great would it be to have a genuine memory of spending time together ?

Of course, I needed to test my idea, and luckily the lovely Nolan and Sydney were willing to try it out! They enjoy walking the trails together and cooking or baking, so we incorporated both. First, we started out at Great Bear for a quick hike (that one hill killed us all ha) before heading home to bake Christmas cookies.
These two are so naturally affectionate and fun, I barely had to prompt or direct them! Plus, I loved seeing their personalities come out even more as they baked. I even got to see them film a segment for their cooking show 😉

Overall, I’d say the session was a success; I can’t wait to incorporate this more documentary style into my engagement sessions!

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