My Thoughts as a Plus Size Bride

I have a round belly & soft arms. The number of chins I have depends on how hard I’m laughing.
I am plus sized.

It’s a thing. It may change. And it may not.
But in the mean time, I’m working on loving myself, as is. Because we are worthy of love & kindness, no matter our weight. Even from ourselves. Especially from ourselves.

I had grand plans of losing weight before my wedding, almost 2 years ago. Instead, I gained 5 pounds after finding my wedding dress 😂 But I remember getting to a point, between the stress of jobs and wedding planning, I just couldn’t handle another thing to worry about.

I mean, my husband fell in love with me in this body, didn’t he? Asked me to marry him, chose to do life, and couldn’t keep his hands off me in this body.

My friends wanted to spend time with me, hug me, make me laugh, and take photos with me in this body.

On a daily basis I was loved and supported, while in this body.
Why shouldn’t I live in it proudly on my wedding day?

I’ve realized, as a woman and photographer, how the #1 thing we strive for in photos is to look skinny. Even though looking skinny tells us nothing about that moment, or ourselves.
What if, when we looked at ourselves in our photos, instead of harshly examining the space we took up, We said:
I look loved.
I look so happy.
I look confident as hell.

It won’t happen overnight. We’ll have to bite our tongues and catch our words. But I think, slowly, we can start to speak kindly to ourselves. We can start to recognize the more important, beautiful parts of ourselves, in real life and in photos.

We’ve been told, for a very long time, that we are supposed to feel ashamed and unworthy. We are supposed to apologize for not being “right”. For not being “enough”.

I don’t know about you, but it’s worn me out. This hate I carry for myself is heavier than any pounds I carry on my bones.
So no more lies, no more hate. No more apologies.

As a photographer, I want to be honoring & celebrating you, women of all shapes and sizes. To support you in your self love journey and encourage you to embrace the beautiful gift you are. Right now, as is.

(Photo credit: Angelicjewel photography)

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