Anja’s Day with Grandma & Grandpa :: Alexandria, MN

About every summer, I’m able to document a Day in the Life for these two and one of their grandchildren! This year was sweet Anja’s turn & think she loved the one on one time .  😉 It is such a privilege to witness the special relationships that exists between these three!

Before every Day In the Life Session, I ask a few questions to give me insight into what’s important & special to my clients.When I asked Rhonda what she wanted her granddaughter to remember from these photos she replied, “to know she is loved and she has a place here. “

And that’s the thing.. your photos aren’t only to remind YOU of your favorite memories, but to bear proof to others; proof of the love you hold for them and the safety they find with you. Anja will have visual reminders of her grandparents love.. and her love for them.. from a time she probably won’t even be able to remember. How powerful is that?

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