Turquoise lover. Jesus follower. Pug and Star Wars obsessed. I'd rather spend a night in with a good book than go find a crowd. Chinese food is life; pizza is a close second. September 2017 I married the most amazing man out in the Black Hills. There were 20 people, my dad did the ceremony, and we ate pasta afterwards. Basically, a dream come true. 

I've spent most of my life fighting against the idea I have to fit into other people's definitions and I think it's probably only natural its spilled into the way I approach weddings. 

You see, I think the wedding situation has gotten a little out of control. I see a lot of people stressed out while trying to meet people's expectations and fulfill certain ideas of what a wedding is supposed to be. 

But here's the thing...your wedding can be whatever you want it to be. The only rule you need to follow: Do what makes you happy

And I think the same thing applies to your photography. Ban pinterest and recreating photos you've seen at 12 other weddings. Forget planning your day around hours and hours of posed photos. 

I just want you to relax; feel beautiful; and enjoy the people surrounding you. Live your life on your wedding day. Leave the documenting to me. 


(Based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota but available to travel. Rapid City, Denver, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Des Moines, and beyond!)

photo credit: angelicjewel photography