Kylee Jade - Photographer



 Located in Sioux Falls, SD, I am an INFP, turquoise obsessed, Star Wars nerd. 

I believe in finding magic in our regular lives; beauty in our true selves. 

How this all works

You put on a some killer clothes, gather close the people you love, and spend the day celebrating the moment you start your lives together. There's no need to pretend, or fake, or hold a pose. All you need to do is live; breathe deep breaths to settle your nerves, laugh until it aches in your gut, and give yourself permission to take it all in. I'll be there to document your real emotions; there to preserve honest memories of one of your favorite days. 

Things I love

-a man named Ethan

-the Black Hills 

-chinese food 

-the show Friends 

-outdoor weddings