It was Kylee's strong work with candid photographs that really won us over. Kylee's galleries were full of beautiful candid shots, so we knew she'd be a perfect fit. Lindsey and I wanted to really document our wedding day, and therefore wanted most of our photographs to be candid shots. Kylee delivered in a big way. Her beautiful candids of our reception and the moments before and after the ceremony caught meaningful moments that could never have been posed or reproduced. It happens every time: years after an event, our memories are based as much on our photographs as on our firsthand experience. I'm grateful that Kylee's photography captured the real moments of our wedding, so that years from now when our memories fade, we'll still have a firsthand peek inot the past.

We knew Kylee's candid work was strong. What surprised us was how wonderful she was at getting us to pose naturally. She knew just how to elicit real laughter and put us at ease. She our couple photos one of the happiest memoires of our special day! Our photographs look beautifully natural and the family portraits will be keepsakes for our entire family. 

In addition, Kylee's personal touch made every point of contact with her feel special. She was wonderfully easy to relate with during our Skype consultations. Her thoughtfulness included cards and the gift of a cookbook! Even her packaging of the photographs made them feel like a treasured gift rather than just a "deliverable". 

We can't recommend Kylee enough. She's golden! 

-Steve and Lindsey 

I highly recomend Kylee Jade for your engagement and wedding photos! From the planning meetings to our wedding day, Kylee made it all so easy for us. She made our engagement and wedding photos so much fun that even my husband enjoyed them (and he hates having his picture taken)! She does such a great job at capturing real, natural moments. I love that when we look at our engagement and wedding photos, I see "us" instead of staged and awkward poses. I appreciated her expertise in helping with outfits for our engagement session, helping with our wedding day timeline, choosing the right location for the photos and taking the stress of this part of wedding planning off of our shoulders. Thank you Kylee! 

-Mandy J 

The Top 10 Reasons Why Kylee Rocked Our (Engagement/Wedding) Photos:

- She's the sweetest human being that ever lived 

- She knows how to make her clients comfortable in front of the camera

- She's organized and professional - she always had all the right questions and even answers! She understood what we envisioned for our photos and listened to our silly stories to understand us as a couple.

- She can really capture the perfect scene or moment with her camera. Our photos seem so soft and ethereal. I felt like I should be on the cover of Vogue Bridal or something! 

- When putting on my dress, the zipper broke and she didn't even blink once when all the cuss words strarted flying around the room from my bridesmaids, family, and myself! 

- She was able to herd and contain our entire family for an extended family photo on our wedding day! Something that I thought for sure probably wouldn't happen! 

- She was able to capture a few last minute group photos that we cherish as much as our couple and family photos 

- Did I mention how sweet she is?

- She sent us a Christmas gift last year (between our engagement session and wedding day)!

- Last but certainly not least, OUR PHOTOS WERE AMAZING! She really has a true talent to capture those special moments and her personality and professionalism are just bonuses for her clients! 

Love, Dana and Cody